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China’s first draft international crane standards



The Beijing Hoisting and Conveying Machinery Design Institute recently proposed the drafting of international standards on cantilever cranes. The draft was then passed through by the International Standard Organization’s 19 crane technical committee members, which marked a breakthrough in China’s history of no such involvement before.

Before 2005, China was an observing member on ISO’s crane, industry vehicle, continuous handling machinery and other technical committees. The Beijing institute has continued to push for international standardization work in China’s hosting and conveying machinery industry, joining all votes of international standards over the 13 years, participating in 23 international conferences abroad, and holding two international conferences.

It has also engaged in multiple international standards formulation and modification work and has proposed four international crane standards and one international industrial vehicle standard. The institute strives to introduce the Chinese language into the international industrial vehicle standard ISO 5053-1:2015, and has continued to rewrite China’s history of participation in international hoisting and conveying machinery standards work.

After decades of hard work, the institute has turned China into an official member of the ISO and made the country assume president and international secretariat of ISO/TC96, as well as president and secretariat of ISO/TC110/SC5 on the Chinese side. The successful proposal on the cantilever crane marked a ground-breaking move by China and a breakthrough in the Beijing Institute’s work on international standards, helping to raise China’s status in the international crane standardization work.